Another pride for TCF: finalist at OCSE DAC Prize

  March 16, 2016   ,

Another pride for TCF: finalist at OCSE DAC Prize

On march 9th, the OECD headquarters in Paris hosted the DAC Prize awards ceremony, an important recognition conferred to the organizations that realize the most innovative development strategies. The peculiarity of the approaches  which made it to the Finals is that of being  able to be reproduced successfully and efficiently on a large scale.

TCF was one of the 10 finalists, and an Italian “delegation” from Italian Friends of TCF took part in the ceremony, representing TCF’s efforts to provide quality education, especially granting girls’ equal access to quality education in Pakistan.

There were three winners, as jury panel members Julius Akinyemi and Andrew Wyckoff said it had not been possible not to recognize the strongly innovative nature of all three projects, nevertheless emphasizing that all the other finalists have a big impact on their respective realities.

Ranging from the plantation and selling of  African cashew nuts, to clinics for the plants and finally to a billing system via mobile phone for the payment of electricity (provided thanks to solar panels). The winners are:

The Awards ceremony, presided by the Deputy Secretary General Douglas Frantz, was not only meant as the conclusion of an isolated event, but  gave rise to a constant monitoring by the OECD – the promoter of the Award – of the different realities actively involved in achieving important goals such as quality education and innovation and development of sustainable socio-economic systems.  The discussion drew in issues related to international cooperation in the true sense of the word.

The TCF delegation pointed out that “education is key to development”, concisely describing the salient points of the activity of The Citizens Foundation. Laura Notaro (Head of Communications) presented TCF’s work , the goals accomplished  in 20 years of activity and its founding pillars: the central role of women and the complete harmony with the local community in which the schools are built. The speech was accompanied by a video, edited by Margherita di Clemente – intern at Italian Friends of TCF – and was concluded with a heartfelt call to  children’s universal right to quality education.

The finalists:

The ceremony ended with the concluding speech of the President of the OCSE Development Centre, Ambassador Pierre Duquesne.

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